OMG it’s positive!!!

It was the happiest day of my life when my pregnancy test came back positive. But what do you do next now that I know. I called my old ob gyn clinic that was close to my mom. Since I was planning on moving closer to her. So she could be close to her grandchild. The office had a opening not too far away the second week in September.

In September for my appointment I was praying no one I knew would be there. Since I grew up in a small town. News traveled fast. Of course sister’s best friend was their. Later on I found out that she told and knew about my news.

Finally my boyfriend and I were called in the back. She asked me some questions. Took a pee sample for a pregnancy test. We were sent out in to the waiting area. Waiting to be seen by the ultrasound tech. When we were finally called back. She tried to find the baby with this warm gel on my belly but I was too early to be seen. So she had to look the other way. And I saw the small tadpole and it’s heartbeat. Then she told us I was 6 weeks and due May 1st. I was so happy and relieved to seen my little buddle of joy. My boyfriend seemed happy too. That night he kept expressing about us having a baby. Hoping it was a boy since he already had a girl from a previous relationship…

Well til the next time loves ❤️


Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

On August 29, 1990, it was a horrible day. It was raining all day. I was miserable and unhappy. Nothing was going as planned. I really wanted a happy relaxing birthday. Since past birthdays weren’t all that. But that is a part of life right. I was with my boyfriend and his friend. Our relationship wasn’t going so well at the time and I was making bad decisions just to please him. Boy what a mistake.

The night before we stayed at one of his friends house. That night I experienced the worst menstrual cramps ever. It woke me out of my sleep. I’ve been having them on and off for about a week. My boyfriend keep saying I was pregnant. But in the past when I tried to get pregnant and didn’t. I just didn’t believe it to be true and said my period was just coming. But that night for some reason I felt different about it…

Back to my birthday day. He tried somewhat to make my miserable birthday happy but it didn’t happen. He just made it worst. Plus I didn’t have much money on me at the time. So I decided to go to Panera bread for my free birthday treat… But he convinced me to go to his friends house instead. On top of that I was starving. Stupid me trying to please a man I just went to his friends to shut him up.

After awhile we went to Walmart. They picked up some things. So I walked off and ended up in front of the pregnancy tests. I remember just standing there thinking “you’ve done this many time before and they were all negative,” “but what if and that pain last night,” “you shouldn’t be spending any money.” So many thoughts. I took the leap and bought one. Before the others finished shopping I went into the bathroom to use it.

One of the girls with us was in the bathroom with me. I peed on the stick and waited… To my surprise I seen the plus and line which meant positive. All I could say was oh my God over and over. The girl asked if I was ok. After I came too and came out the bathroom stall. I told her, “I think I’m pregnant” and I showed her. She was so happy for me. I felt so many mixed emotions. One it was my birthday and this was the best news I could have ever gotten. Second I can get pregnant and I’m not broken LOL.

When I finally walked out of the bathroom he was standing by the door waiting for me. I couldn’t stop smiling. I wanted to wait to share the news but I just told him I was pregnant. All he said is, “I know.” Seriously! My heart just broke into one thousand pieces.

The rest of the night we did all that he wanted to do. It was boring. But I got the news of a lifetime. And I just sat on my phone looking at baby stuff on Pinterest and the internet ❤️🍼👶

Mid Twenties… Oh my!

Mid Twenties… Oh my!

Hey Loves,untitled

So I am just sitting here listening too some old 90s RnB music thinking about my life and where I am going. This all started when I seen an older couple I used to know at my old job and with all the time that has passed it felt like I havent gotten very far in life. And it made me alittle unhappy. Also for the past week or so, at my full-time job I have been feeling really sick but it only happens when I am their and nowhere else. Has this happened to anyone else? Tips please if so lol. Anyway last time I felt like this, a family friend told me it was the job making me sick and making me unhappy. But unfortunately, since I have needy children that need to be fed each month named car note, electric, rent and etc. I have to stay strong. When times like this come and trust me they will come, this is what you can do to help with the stress depending on your situation.  During these time you have to remember the good things going on in your life, everyone has at lieast one. imagesgkwtfz1e

Sometimes simple is better then having it all. Since I am in school and I used this to keep me going. I keep reminding myself this will not last forever and I will get a better job in the future. I also try to relax and not think about work when I am off. Sometimes I will drink some wine and either lay back and listen to music, read a book or watch a movie. An older friend of mine suggested after one of my really bad break ups; to instead of physically watching a movie to lay back and just listen to the movie and fantasize about the scenes in the movie. This will keep your mine off of whatever you are stressing about. If you are a social butter fly you can go out to with some friends to see a movie or have dinner. If it is just that bad you can always just apply like crazy to a different jobs or even change the type of job. But you have to consider all of the pros and cons. For example, if I was to do this I would have to consider the hours I can work and school would affect that I would have to work day shift since I mainly take night classes and I have to be off during the week. So a regular 9-5 would not really work out and on top of that I have to make enough to pay my bills too. So my best bet is just to stick it out til I am done school. I hope this was helpful to someone struggling with this situation, please feel free to ask me some questions or give more tips.



I have always wanted to create a blog mainly for myself to become a better writer and to also help others if I can with some of the things I’ve been through in my life. Maybe to even help someone through hard times.  My old roommate would call me a healer because I always would end up with someone (past boyfriends and friends) who was broken and needed someone to lift them up  or just was completely lost. I am a college student that works a fulltime time job and a part time job. So if someone else is battling the same demons. I am happy to help with time management skills, using a planner and how to keep up with course work while keeping up with work. I am in school for Accounting and finance so I love to play around with budget and find ways to save money. When I feel comfortable I tend to talk a lot. I enjoy so many different things like make up, fashion and photography. So in my blog I will talk about everything lifestyle. Feel free to ask me any questions. Until the next time. XOXO


2016 will be a great year!!!

Happy New Years,

I hope everyone brought the new years in great. I know I did. It was a lot calmer then the pass year. So a guy that i used to go to high school with and I started talking. In 2016 I plan to strive for a better me. I just want to grow and become more established. I want become better at my budgeting and saving habits. I will be completely honest with you my checking and savings account balances are really bad. I literally live paycheck to paycheck. I can blow through money like its nothing. But I just want to start saving more and build a solid savings account. Find i better job, get my own place and blog more consistently. So what are some your guys goals? Feel free to leave a comment down below. Love you guys lets start out the year great.

Life as a Working College Student Part 1…


Back in 2014, I had to move out of my apartment. So at that time I made the decision to back to college; to finish my Bachelors’ degree. Since I struggling to find another job to keep my apartment. So I looked at different colleges; most of them were online, because I had to continue working to pay my bills. So I finally found the perfect college Strayer University. I thought they had a good business program and they had options where they helped you to pay college. So maybe about few days afterwards, one of my good friends called me and told me about the school she was thinking about attending called Wilmington University. I was happy for her. So I told her about my school I was thinking about attending. Sadly, she told me it was a bad move because one of her friends’ went to an online school and she graduated she had a really hard time finding a job and it was because a lot of companies rather you physically go to college because that shows them your wiliness to come to work. So after we talked I did a little bit of research and actually found that a lot people went through the same trouble of finding a job.


After that I started to look into Wilmington University (note when I was in high school this was one of the schools I wanted to attend, but I never pursued it) and I fell in love with the school. They basically give you a fresh start because when I attended Chesapeake College back in 2008 my grades where really bad. I failed some courses and skipped some classes and I did not take it seriously. But Wilmington University had different types of classes; where you can take 7 week classes verves the 14 week semesters giving at most colleges or even 5 week and weekend classes are offered. This school truly fits the average working persons’ schedule. That month they had a special going on where registration was free, so I jumped on the opportunity. As for paying for school, I decided to apply for a student loan through Financial Aid. I choose a bachelors’ in Accounting and Finance, because I wanted a degree in business but also to have a degree where I can do a lot with in case I can’t find a job. So after all my paperwork was completed, I started my new journey in summer 2014 taking:

BCS 206 B2D01 Block 2, 7 week Computer Applications for Business
ENG 121 SED01 Semester 14 week English Composition I
FYE 101 SED01 Semester 14 week First Year Experience Seminar
PSY101 B1D01 Block 1, 7 week Introduction to Psychology

Sadly I failed my English Composition 1 for summer 2014, so I retook the class in fall 2014:

BMK 305 FUS F1D01               Fusion 5 week Marketing
ENG 121  SED01 Semester 14 week English Composition I
MAT 121  SED01  Semester 14 week College Math I
PHI 100  B2D01  Block 2, 7 week Introduction to Critical Thinking

Spring 2015:

BAC 102  SED01                 Semester 14 week Accounting II
ENG 122  SED01                 Semester 14 week English Composition II
MAT 121  SED03                 Semester 14 week College Math I

Summer 2015:

ART 315  B1D01                Block 1, 7 week Watercolor Painting I
BAC 102  B2D01                Block 2, 7 week Accounting II
ENG 131  B1D01                Block 1, 7 week Public Speaking

Fall 2015:

BBM 201 B1D01 Principles of Management W 05:30 PM – 10:30 PM DVA-204 3
Book title: ESS OF CNTMPORY MGMT W/CONNECT CODE Ed:6 Yr:15 Publisher: MCGRAW-HILL EDUCATION (M47390) ISBN: 978-1-259-18027-9
HUM 360 B1D02 Human World Views: 3500 BCE – 1650 AD W 09:00 AM – 02:00 PM DVA-210 3
Book title: HUMANISTIC TRADITION VOL I Ed:7 Yr:16 Publisher: MCGRAW-HILL EDUCATION (M47390) ISBN: 978-1-259-36066-4
HUM 361 B2D01 Human World Views: 1650 AD – Present T 05:30 PM – 10:30 PM DVA-201 3
Book title: HUMANISTIC TRADITION VOL II Ed:7 Yr:16 Publisher: MCGRAW-HILL EDUCATION (M47390) ISBN: 978-1-259-35168-6
MAT 122 SED02 College Math II R 01:00 PM – 03:30 PM DVB-103 3
Book title: MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS W/MYMATHLAB Ed:11 Yr:15 Publisher: PEARSON EDUCATION (P60395) ISBN: 978-0-321-93544-1


My 52 Week Challenge


So one of my goals for this year is for me to save more money. It seems like I’m constantly living paycheck to paycheck and I don’t want to live like that. Money problems come up and I don’t want to ask family members for money. I.e a flat tire, or my car goes up. Anyway, I needed a simple cheap way to save some money. So I started the 52 week challenge. Which is (If you don’t know) challenge where each week you set aside $1 and then the following week it increases to $2 and so on. Max for a week would be $52. But I plan on doing the challenge a little different, since I get paid biweekly I’ll put alway $2 the first week and Max $104 by the 52nd week totaling to about $2758. So besides creating a emergency savings account, I would like to use some of the money to change up my style (but I’m not sure.)
Week 1: Save $2 total: $2

1. One a savings account: I have 2 capital One 360 accounts one for 10% of my biweekly paycheck and I create the second one for the challenge. I set up biweekly transfers, so that the money automatically comes out for the week. It is easier when you have separate savings from you actual bank, so that you don’t see the money as often. With capital one compared to your personal bank if you transfer money from your capital one account it takes longer than a day to transfer.

Week 2: Save $4 total: $6

Week 3 Save $6 total: $12

Week 4: Save $8 total: $20